Sir William Russell Flint

Limited Edition Prints

Over thirty years specializing in Sir William Russell Flint's prints and paintings and widely regarded as the world's leading authority

The Russell Flint limited, edition, prints shown below, have all been publishd after 1969 (Russell Flint's death)
They are all genuine collectable limited editions, but not of course personally signed. Nevertheless, they have become
collectable prints in their own right, and as they have long since sold out from the publishers, the only way to purchase
any of the above images is on the 'secondary market'. ie. via someone who purchased when the limited, edition, print was originally released.
In general, Russell Flint's scenes of towns and villages throughout France have become possibly more sought after than the 'reclining nudes'
He was fortunate enough in his later years to be able to travel extensively throughout France, and there is a wonderful selection of his published work at very reasonable prices
Paintings of countryside life throughout many regions in France from the Languedoc, Nice, the Perigord to Paris and surrounding areas.
Most of these prints are 40 - 50 years old and some titles can be difficult to find.
On display in the studio, 500+ prints and paintings
The limited, edition, prints shown below have been published since Russell Flint passed away in 1969
Since that time, these are the publishers that have produced the prints up to the present day;
Michael Stuart, Frost and Reed, The Medici Society, Adam collection, Harcourt wood, Alexander Gallery, James, Magnus, Henry Donn, Rosenstiels, Susan Russell Flint (Sir William Russell Flints Ltd.), Museum prints, Cavendish.
Limited, edition, prints 1969 onwards Click on titles or image for Large pictures and Details; (alphabetical order)

russell flint, Acquiescent angels, limited edition print
Aquiescent Angels

russell flint, act II scene I
Act II Scene I

russell flint, Amanda, limited edition print
limited edition print

russell flint, Ancient doorway Cordes, limited edition print
Ancient Doorway, Cordes

russell flint, The Dos Cabreras, print
The Aquaduct

russell flint, Ariadne,print

russell flint, Artemis and Chione
Artemis and Chione

russell flint, Basket of Apples, print
Basket of Apples

russell flint, Basket of Peaches, limited edition print
Basket of Peaches

russell flint, blue ribbon limited print
The Blue Ribbon

russell flint, The Book of Poems, limited edition print
The Book of Poems

russell flint, The Bridge, Nerac, limited edition print
The Bridge, Nerac
Limited edition print

russell flint, Beyond the Walls, limited edition print
Beyond the Walls

russell flint Carlotta on the Loire, limited edition print
Carlotta on the Loire

russell flint, Cecilia and her Studies, limited edition print
Cecilia and her Studies

russell flint, Cecilia in April, limited edition print
Cecilia in April

russell flint Cecilia  print, limited edition print

russell flint, Cecilia contemplating Europa, limited edition print
Cecilia Contemplating Europa

russell flint, in a Burgundian Granary, limited edition print
In a Burgundian Granary

russell flint, Cecilia in June, print
Cecilia in June

russell flint cecilia reading the book of shadows, limited edition print
Cecilia Reading

russell flint, Cecilia Reclining, limited edition print
Cecilia Reclining

russell flint, Confidential Exchanges, limited edition print
Confidential Exchanges

russell flint, Corisande, limited edition print

russell flint, Fiametta, limited, print

russell flint, Fiametta print
Five Studies of Cecilia
Limited edition print

russell flint, Devonport Dockyard, print
Devonport Dockyard

russell flint, flowers in the cloister, limited, print
Flowers in the Cloister

russell flint, Francis and Jane at Birdham, limited edition print
Francis and Jane at Birdham
Limited print

russell flint, Gift of Gladioli, limited edition print
Gift of Gladioli

russell flint, Girl from Orio, limited edition print
Girl from Orio
Limited edition print

russell flint, Giselle and Julietta, limited edition print
Giselle and Julietta

russell flint gossipers at Le Castellet
Gossipers at Le Castellet

russell flint, gossip st. Jeannet, print
Gossip St. Jeannet

russell flint, Gypsy Festival St. Eulalia, limited edition print
Gypsy Festival St. Eulalia

russell flint, in sunny perigord, print
In Sunny Perigord

 russell flint, Interior at Chichester, limited edition print
Interior at Chichester

russell flint jewel box
Jewel Box

russell flint, iberian flounces I
Iberian Flounces I

russell flint, iberian flounces II, print
Iberian Flounces II

russell flint, Jesse and Jemima, limited edition print
Jesse and Jemima
Limited edition print

russell flint, Florentine Masquerade, limited edition print
Florentine Masquerade
limited edition print

russell flint Judgement of Paris, limited edition print
Judgement of Paris

russell flint model reclining
La Belle Poseuse, Nerac

russell flint, little sewing girl Sospel, limited edition print
Little Sewing Girl Sospel

russell flint, the looking glass, limited edition print
The Looking Glass

russell flint, memorizing Act II, print
Memorizing Act II

russell flint, pink frock, print
Pink Frock

russell flint, Mauve Frock, limited print
Mauve Frock

russell flint, Janelle and the volume of treasures, print
Janelle and the Volume of Treasures

russell flint, lydia on the sands
Lydia on the Sands

russell flint, madamoiselle Sophie
Madamoiselle Sophie

russell flint Mill Barbaste, print
Mill Barbaste

russell flint, mill pool st. jean de cole
The Mill Pool, St. Jean de Cole

russell flint models in an italian courtyard,print
Models in an Italian Courtyard

russell flint, Model and Critic limited, print
Model and Critic

russell flint, Model for Elegance,print
Model for Elegance

russell flint, model reclining, print
Model Reclining

russell flint Mutinous Maids
Mutinous Maids

russell flint newspaper
The Newspaper

russell flint nuns class la charite, print
The Nun's Class, La Charite

flint, the pool of echoes, print
Pool of Echoes

russell flint, palazzo on the Grand Canal, print
Palazzo on the Grand Canal

russell flint, picnic at la roche, print
Picnic at La Roche

russell flint, reclining nude III, print
Reclining Nude III

russell flint, Ray as madame du Barry, print
Ray as Madame du Barry

russell flint, Ray as Madame Pompadour, print
Ray as Madame Pompadour

russell flint, Red Background, print
Red Background

russell flint Renee , print

russell flint ripples and chatter, print
Ripples and Chatter
Limited edition print

russell flint Reproof Almeria, print
Reproof Almeria

russell flint riverside washing, Laverdac, print
Riverside Washing, Laverdac

russell flint, Rococo Aphrodite, print
Rococo Aphrodite

russell flint, Roxanne by the Ardeche, limited edition print
Roxanne by the Ardeche

sir russell flint, the Royal Academy Courtyard, limited, edition, print
The Royal Academy Courtyard

russell flint, Portrait of Cecilia, print
Portrait of Cecilia

russell flint Ray , print

sir william russell flint Sensitive Plants, print
Sensitive Plants

sir russell flint, the Silver and White, print
Silver and White
Limited edition print

sir russell flint, Snow, print

russell flint, Sonnet XXIV, print
Sonnet XXIV

sir russell flint souvenir of Barbaste, print
Souvenir of Barbaste

sir russell flint Studio Accessories, print
Studio Accessories

sir russell flint, Study in White, print
Study in White

russell flint, subject of two, print
Subject of Two

russell flint, Summertime Uzes, print
Summertime Uzes

sir russell flint, Symposium at Lucenay, print
Symposium at Lucenay

russell flint, three girls, limited, print
Three Girls
Limited edition print

sir russell flint, Under the terrace, Brantome, print
Under the Terrace, Brantome

russell flint, Variations III, limited edition print
Variations III

russell flint, variations II, limited edition print
Variations II

russell flint, Theroigne and Lucille, limited, print
Theroigne and Lucille

russell flint, The Dos Cabreras
Dos Cabreras

 russell flint, Madame du Barry
Madame du Barry
decorative print

 russell flint, consuelo carmona
Consuelo Carmona
decorative print

 russell flint, Nude on a beacha
Nude on a beach
decorative print

russell flint The Unsuccessful Shrimper
The Unsuccessful Shrimper

 russell flint, Vignette
Limited edition print

 russell flint, Fun on the sands, Bamburgh
Fun on the sands,

 russell flint, Morning Dinard, limited edition print
Morning Dinard

russell flint Eve the girl with bobbed hair, limited edition print
Eve, the girl with bobbed hair

russell flint Eve with her net
Eve with her net
Signed print

Sir William Russell Flint RA ROI (4 April 1880 to 30 December 1969) was a Scottish artist and illustrator who was known especially for his watercolours of women. He also worked in oils, tempera, and printmaking.

Flint was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1880. He studied at the Royal Institute of Art, Edinburgh, and the Heatherley School of Fine Art in London.
After graduating, he worked as a medical illustrator and an illustrator for magazines and newspapers.

In 1905, Flint began to focus on painting watercolours.
His early paintings were influenced by the Pre-Raphaelites, but he soon developed his own unique style.
His paintings were characterized by their soft colors, delicate brushwork, and sensual depiction of the female form.

Flint's paintings were well-received by the public and critics alike. He was elected a member of the Royal Society of Painters in Watercolours in 1917, and he was knighted in 1947.
Flint continued to paint until his death in 1969.

His work is now in the collections of many major museums and galleries, including the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the National Gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh,
and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

In addition to his paintings, Flint also produced a number of prints, book illustrations, and posters. He was also a talented etcher, and his prints are highly sought-after by collectors.

Flint was a versatile artist who worked in a variety of media.
However, he is best known for his watercolours of women.
His paintings are characterized by their soft colors, delicate brushwork, and sensual depiction of the female form.

Flint's work has been praised for its beauty, grace, and eroticism.

Flint was a significant figure in the history of British art. He was one of the leading watercolourists of the 20th century, and his work helped to popularize the medium.
His paintings are still admired today, and they continue to inspire artists and collectors alike.

Here are some of the unique aspects of Sir William Russell Flint's biography:

Scottish artist who achieved international acclaim.

a versatile artist who worked in a variety of media, including watercolours, oils, tempera, and printmaking.

master of the female nude, and his paintings are characterized by their soft colors, delicate brushwork, and sensual depiction of the female form.

popular artist, and his work is now in the collections of many major museums and galleries around the world.

knighted by the Queen in 1947 for his contributions to art.

Sir William Russell Flint was a talented and versatile artist who left a lasting legacy on British art.

His work continues to be admired by artists and collectors alike, and it is sure to continue to inspire for many years to come.
Russell Flint limited edition prints

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Nun's Class, La Charite

original from a window in venice
bourdeilles sur dronne
original, la dronne
france, gossip after market
original piazza san marco
original painting lacave