Ray as Madame Pompadour

Sir William Russell Flint

russell flint ray as mlle Pompadour, print
'Ray as Madame Pompadour'
Limited Edition of 500
Image size 10.5" diameter.
Published, 1985
Complete with wash/line mount

Ray Fuller was a model frequently used for Sir William Russell Flint's paintings.
The title 'Ray', was published as an unsigned limited edition and became a sought after image.
We can also see the other painting that paired with 'Ray as Madame Pompadour'; 'Ray as Madame du Barry.br /> Although published after Russell Flint passed away, and is therefore a limited edition, but not personally signed.
This image was always highly regarded.

It must be mentioned that the work of one particulary successful artist some forty to fifty years ago has now moved into enormous prominence both artistically and financially.
The signed prints of L.S.Lowry are increasing in value on a regular basis and his work has now become of greater value than many modern masters.