Original Paintings

Russell Flint

P.R.A., P.R.W.S., R.S.W., R.O.I., R.E.

The images below are original watercolour paintings and red chalk drawings curently for sale in the studio.
The image size, location, provenance and full details can be seen by clicking on the small pictures.
Many of the paintings illustrate Russell Flint's journey through France, the model is often Cecilia Green.
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The Hedonists
The Hedonists

The Blue Tent Parame
The Blue Tent Parame

sicilian rendezvous, italy
Sicilian Rendezvous

The Noticeboard, France
The Noticeboard

Dwellers on the ground floor, France
Dwellers on the Ground Floor

Rebecca at Aigueze, France
Rebecca at Aigueze

versailles, fountain, France
Versailles, fountain

An Angevin Interior, France
An Angevin Interior

 The High Shelf, France
The High Shelf, Richelieu
original painting

Piazza San Marco, Venice
Piazza San Marco, Venice

palazzo, grand canal venice, cecilia
The Grand Canal Venice
original painting

from a window in venice, cecilia
From a window in Venice

Vanity in the old Guard Room, France
Vanity in the old Guard Room

Washerwomen on the Cere at Bretenoux, original watercolour painting
The Cere at Bretenoux
original painting

Springtime in the Ardèche, France
Springtime in the Ardèche
original painting

vauvenay, france, painting
Vaunaveys, France
original painting

the bathers, original watercolour painting
The Bathers
Unrepentant nymphs

osier en Provence, France, painting
Osiers en Provence
original painting

the shrimper
The Shrimper
watercolour painting

gypsies at ste radegonde
Gypsies at Ste. Radegonde

la cave Voutée, originals watercolour
La Cave Voutée

gitanes Languedoc original painting
Gitanes, Languedoc,

Mill Barbaste original
The Mill Barbaste

Bourdeilles sur Dronne original
Bourdeilles sur Dronne

Portrait of Denise, France
Portrait of Denise

russell flint, Washer Women by the Drôme
Washer Women by the Drôme

Sunlit Square Languedoc original watercolour painting
Sunlit Square, Languedoc

La Porte Chapelle, Compiegne
La Porte Chapelle, Compiegne
original painting

 russell flint, woodland, Surrey, original watercolour
Woodland, Surrey
Original Painting

Rosalinda, original, seated-figure, red chalk drawing
Seated Figure
Original Red Chalk Drawing

original, Two Figures, red chalk drawing
Two Figures
Original Red Chalk Drawing

Lavoir La Bastide, France
Lavoir La Bastide

versailles, France

The Well at St. Jean de Cole, original drawing
The Well at St. Jean de Cole
pencil drawing

lady, original drawing
Portrait of a lady
Original drawings

The Little Terrace, Vannavez, France
The Little Terrace

original, Dragon of Versailles, red chalk drawing
The Dragon of Versailles

standing nude, originals red chalk drawing
Standing nude
Original Red Chalk Drawing

girl in spanish dress mantilla, original red chalk drawing
Girl in Spanish dress Mantilla

model resting, original red chalk drawing
Model Resting

Clarissa, original red chalk drawing

four studies originals red chalk drawing
Four Studies

Over thirty years specializing in Sir William Russell Flint's prints and paintings and widely regarded as the world's leading authority

peel cottage
The Plaque outside Flint's studio

sir william russell flint 5
Sir William Russell Flint

ambrosine, original drawing
red chalk drawing

Rosalinda, originals red chalk drawing
Original Red Chalk Drawing

watercolour paintings, charlotte

frances murray russell flint, across the moat, Brantome, original
Brantome, France
original watercolour

francis murray russell flint, Spanish street scene with donkey, oil paintings
Spanish Street Scene with Donkey
Original Oil Painting

Rosalinda, original, nude red chalk drawing
Original Red Chalk Drawing

sandrine, original drawing
red chalk drawing

Russell Flint Paintings and Originals artwork for sale
The above paintings are a collection of original artwork for sale by the late Sir William Russell Flint
His main painting medium was watercolour; There are also several original red chalk drawings, and pencil sketches.

Having attended the Royal college of art in Edinburgh, he trained as a draughtsman for six years at an Edinburgh printers.
This undoubtedly provided him with the skills and self discipline to create very precise and meticulous paintings.
He was an official war artist, which again... before the age of cameras, was an extremely important job to recreate the exact scene,
be it on a battlefield, or most importantly to accurately illustrate wounds and diseases

William Russell Flint received a knighthood in 1947.
His work was given supreme prominence by a retrospective exhibition in the Diploma Gallery of the Royal Academy 1962.

Russell Flint's paintings were collected not only by private individuals, worldwide, but many of his watercolours are now hanging in museums throughout the world.
The evolving passion in his work led him to the French countryside, where he enjoyed painting and travelling across many rural landscapes
and produced a fine selection of original paintings, many of which were published as signed limited edition prints.

Portrait of Consuelita Carmona
The river Dronne at Brantome
Paintings sold from various sources
Cecilia reading poems
Portrait of Consuelita Carmona
versailles, under the terrace
La Dronne
The Well in Saint Jean de Cole
Beautiful countryside and villages in the south west of France is where Sir William Russell Flint spent much of his time painting,
Russell Flint Originals, Paintings, Watercolours for sale
On display in the studio, 500+ signed, limited edition prints and paintings