Signed Limited Edition Prints

Sir William Russell Flint

P.R.A., P.R.W.S., R.S.W., R.O.I., R.E.

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russell flint signed print Araminta

russell flint, signed print  argument on the ballet
Argument on the ballet

russell flint, signed print  an awkward encounter
An Awkward Encounter

russell flint, Signed Limited Edition Print, balance
The Balance

russell flint signed print  Anne-Marie by the Loire
Anne-Marie by the Loire

russell flint Campo San Trovaso
Campo San Trovaso

russell flint, Carmelita
signed limited edition print

russell flint, signed print  casilda's white petticoat, print
Casilda's White Petticoat

Signed print, russell flint, castanets
Signed print

russell flint casual assembly
Casual Assembly
Signed edition

russell flint, Signed Limited Edition Print chateau garden, Languedoc, print
Chateau Garden, Languedoc

Signed  print, russell flint, chattels, print

russell flint, conversation piece
Conversation Piece
Signed limited

russell flint, Conversation St. Martin d'Ardeche
St. Martin d'Ardeche

Signed  print, russell flint, dance of a thousand flounces,print
Dance of a Thousand Flounces

russell, flint signed print  Danza Montana
Danza Montana

russell flint, dubious bernini
The Dubious Bernini
Signed print

russell flint, discussion

russell flint, An Essay in Picturesque
An Essay in Picturesque
Signed print

russell flint The Green Slippers
The Green Slippers
Signed limited edition print

russell flint Eve the girl with bobbed hair
Eve, the girl with bobbed hair

russell flint, eve and yasmin
Eve and Yasmin

russell flint, Fair Horizon
Fair Horizon
signed limited edition print

russell flint signed print  Festal Preparations Manosque
Festal Preparations, Manosque

russell flint, The Fountain
The Fountain

russell flint signed print  Flowers and Lacquer
Flowers and Lacquer

russell flint four sisters Chazelet
The Four Sisters, Chazelet

russell flint gitanas at la galera
Gitanas at La Galera
Signed print

russell flint Gossip after market Perigord
Gossip after market, Perigord

russell flint green parrot
The Green Parrot
Signed print

russell flint Griselda

russell flint Group of Idlers
Group of Idlers

russell flint Halcyon Days
Halcyon Days

russell flint in a provencal granary
In a Provencal Granary
signed limited edition print

russell flint holiday after Ramadan
Holiday After Ramadan

russell flint In My Studio
In My Studio

Signed, limited edition, print, russell flint Interlude
The Interlude
Signed print

russell flint isabella of Lucenay
Isabella of Lucenay

russell flint Lavoir La Bastide
Lavoir, La Bastide

russell flint The Hedonists
The Hedonists

russell flint Low Tide St. Malo
Low Tide, St, Malo

russell flint the guardian
The Guardian

russell flint la marie Manosque
La Marie Manosque

russell flint Market Hall Cordes
Market Hall, Cordes

russell flint, Mirror of the Ballet
Mirror of the Ballet

Signed Limited Edition Print, russell flint model for vanity
Model for Vanity

Signed Limited Edition Print, russell flint little flower girl Senlis
Little Flower Girl, Senlis

russell flint Models for Goddesses
Models for Goddesses

russell flint my father brantome
My Father Painting, Brantome

russell flint new model inspecting drawings of her predecessor
New Model Inspecting
Drawings of her Predecessor

russell flint, Signed Limited Edition Print, The Nun's Class La Charite
The Nun's Class, La Charite

russell flint October morning on the Baise
October morning on the Baise

russell flint northern waters signed print
Northern Waters

russell flint, The Pendant
The Pendant

russell flint phillida

russell flint Provencal Caprice
Provencal Caprice

flint le quatorze juillet
Le Quatorze Juillet

 russell flint signed print  Question of Colour
A Question of Colour

russell flint Question of Atribution
A Question of Atribution

russell flint Reclining Nude I
Reclining Nude I

russell flint Reclining Nude II
Reclining Nude II
Signed limited edition print

russell flint retreat from the sun
Retreat from the Sun

russell flint rosa and marissa
Rosa and Marissa

russell flint Rosalba

russell flint Silver Frock
The Silver Frock

russell flint The Shower
The Shower

russell flint Silver Mirror
The Silver Mirror

russell flint Sara

russell flint Secret Retreat
Secret Retreat

russell flint The Springboard
The Springboard

russell flint, studies of Cecilia
Studies of Cecilia

russell flint St. Marks Venice
St. Marks, Venice

russell flint Tale Bearer
The Tale Bearer

russell flint Teresa Yolande and Anne-Marie signed limited edition print
Teresa, Yolande and Anne-Marie

russell flint Susanna

russell flint three groups viviers
Three Groups Viviers

russell flint, Signed Limited Edition Print two models
Two models

russell flint the unseen target
The Unseen Target

russell flint under the palace terrace Compiegne
Palace Terrace, Compiegne

russell flint unwelcome observers
Unwelcome Observers

russell flint Variations IV
Variations IV

russell flint Variations on a Theme
Variations on a Theme

russell flint Venetian Festival
Venetian Festival

russell flint victorian diversion
Victorian Diversion

russell flint la voulte sur rhone
La Voulte sur Rhone

russell flint white interior Chateauneuf sur Loire
White Interior
Chateauneuf sur Loire

russell flint waves

russell flint white porch Samur
The White Porch, Samer

russell flint The Whispering Well
The Whispering Well
Signed limited edition print

russell flint, The Wood Rick
The Wood Rick

russell flint, cecilia in piccadilly circus,
Cecilia in Piccadilly Circus

russell flint, Studies of Moira Shearer, signed print
Studies of Moira Shearer

russell flint, A Romantic Composition, signed print
A Romantic Composition

russell flint, Zoronga

russell flint, Clarissa Fishing
Clarissa Fishing

russell flint, Moira Shearer, signed print
Moira Shearer

russell flint Eve with her net
Eve with her net
Signed print

Russell Flint is one of the most celebrated British watercolourists of the 20th century. Known for his remarkable technical skill and precision.
President of the Royal Academy, and President of the Royal Watercolour Society for twenty years from 1936.
Knighted in 1947 for his services to art, and the Royal Academy held a solo exhibition in honour of his paintings.
Painting in several countries including France, Italy, Switzerland and Scotland, Russell Flint was captivated by the distinctive and unique character of these lands.
Today his work is exhibited in numerous institutions around the world including the Victoria and Albert Museum, the British Museum and the Art Institute of Chicago.

Over thirty years we have specialized in Russell Flint's paintings and are widely regarded as the world's leading authority
These signed prints were published between 1924 and 1969, each one personally signed by Russell Flint.
The printing process used was of the highest possible standard available at the time, and many limited editions were printed in Austria using a 'state of the art' process, collotype, developed by Max Jaffe.
Russell Flints work has always been highly regarded as amongst the finest watercolour paintings ever produced.
The earlier limited editions tended to be rather small runs of 325 copies, but as demand increased,
The classic Russell Flint pictures of Cecilia Green have perhaps been surpassed in today's market by rural countryside paintings throughout France.
by the 1960s most editions were 850 each one overseen and stamped by The Fine Art Trade Guild, whose blind stamp was taken as a guarantee of authenticity and highest possible quality.
Almost 60 years later many of the Russell Flint prints in these editions are lost, damaged or irretrievably faded,
which has made the few surviving prints that remain in good condition to be very sought after. A collector could sometimes wait years to find a particular Russell Flint print in good condition.
Sir William Russell Flint signed limited edition prints

russell flint, winter sports, signed print
Winter Sport

russell flint The Trio

russell flint, By the Ardeche print
By the Ardeche
signed print

russell flint signed print  Esperanza
Signed print

unexpected Spaniard
Signed limited edition prints
Cecilia in Piccadilly
Red background

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We have specialized in the watercolour paintings and prints by Russell Flint for over thirty years, and have on display over
500 edition Russell Flint prints, signed and unsigned; Also original watercolour paintings and red chalk drawings, for sale.
The limited edition prints, particularly the signed, limited edition prints (ie. pre 1969) were very sought after at the publication date,
and the entire edition could be sold out within several hours of release.
There is no 'second' edition, these are the original signed, limited editions that have over the years become highly collectable and
sought after works of art, some of which are over seventy years old.
Recognized worldwide as a fine watercolour master, Flint's work enjoys the prominence amongst a collection of the finest and most experienced painters of our time.
Some of his finest work is regarded as...
The Four sisters, Chazelet
Awkward encounter
The Hedonists
Argument on the ballet
signed, limited, edition prints
Conversation piece
Casilda's white petticoat
The Nun's class
Campo san Trovaso
The Perigord
Gossip after market
The wildlife artist, David Shepherd
L.S. Lowry