A Question of Attribution

Sir William Russell Flint

P.R.A., P.R.W.S., R.S.W., R.O.I., R.E.

russell flint question of attribution print

Published in 1963
Signed limited edition of 850
Image size 21" x 17"
R.A. Exhibition 1962

It must be mentioned that the work of one particulary successful artist some forty to fifty years ago has now moved into enormous prominence both artistically and financially.
The signed prints and paintings of L.S.Lowry are increasing in value on a regular basis and his work has now become of greater value than many modern masters. View here.

"Unlike the exponents of modernism, the artist has the greatest respect for the beauty of the human form, and remains true to Hellenic principles in an age of aesthetic chaos.
Let us not be deluded by art sophistry. These principles never can be out of date, nor is it easy as some would pretend, to express them. Sir William is a consummate draughtsman
in this way, and his best drawings lose nothings by comparison with earlier masters of the subject." The artist, April 1958

This passage goes on to talk further about the brilliance of Sir William Russel Flint in a time when many were steering away from these forms of subject painting. But in
'A Question of Attribuation' we can clearly see what the critics are describing in an almost surreal group piece each form is visible and treated with the respect and care
deserved. With what looks to be the models used throughout his previous works admiring another masterpiece on canvas.

Here we can also see clever use of a saturated background to create a path for the eye to follow. Here it relies on the sharp red to bring your focus to the centre then left
at the next pink colour. At which point if you had missed it prior due to the similar pallet of the background and the canvas you would then centre in on the canvas that the
become another admirer of the same piece of work as the models.