Russell Flint Signed Limited Edition Print
Festal Prearations, Manosque

Sir William Russell Flint

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russell flint festal preparations, Manosque
'Festal Preparations, Manosque'
Date of Publication May, 1959.
Signed,Limited Edition print of 756.
Image size 16.5" x 22.5"

'Festal Preparations, Manosque'
Published by The Medici society in 1959
Sometimes referred to as 'Festival Preparations', this shows a group
of girls (in the basement of La Marie?) preparing street decorations
for 14th July celebrations. Manosque is a typical old Provenšal
market town lying on the river Durance some eighty-five miles east
of Avignon, and a similar distance north-east of Marseilles.

Although now a thriving modern centre of a rich agricultural area,
its old quarter, reached through the fourteenth century gateways,
remains an attraction for locals and tourists alike.
russell flint festal preparations, Manosque mounted

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