Springtime in the Ardeche

Sir William Russell Flint

russell flint, original painting, Springtime in the Ardeche, France

Springtime in the Ardeche,
Original watercolour
Image size:- 49cm x 67cm (19.25in x 26.25in)
Signed, signed and inscribed on the backboard verso.

russell flint, original painting, Springtime in the Ardeche, France, verso

The Ardeche is a region in the south-east of France.
Renowned for its mountains, rugged landscapes, and breath taking panoramic views.
It attracts many tourists who enjoy walking and being next to nature.
The river Ardeche runs through the region, along the miles of shallow riverbanks, people enjoy bathing in the crystal clear waters coming from the mountains.
Due to the extremes of weather it has been known for the river to rise more than twenty feet as the melted snow pours off the mountains and into the gorges below.
In mid summer it it not uncommon for the temperature to reach forty degrees, and sometimes in winter there is snow on the high ground.

Sold at Christies £32,400 27th October, 2005
This painting has been framed with a large, handmade, tradional, English gilt frame and museum glass.

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