Dwellers on the Ground Floor

Sir William Russell Flint

russell flint originals, La Porte Chapelle, Compiegne
'La Porte Chapelle, Compiègne'
Original watercolour
Image size 19" x 26.5" (49 x 66.5cm )
signed with initials and dated 1948, signed and dated again and inscribed verso
Exhibited: Royal Society of Painters in Water-Colours.

La Porte Chapelle, Compiègne
complete with framing and museum glass
Compiegne, Oise
Approx. 50 miles north east of Paris

The Porte-Chapelle was first called Porte de Choisy or Porte Saint-Nicolas, from a neighboring chapel,
then the Constable; the Constable Anne de Montmorency having been Lord of Compiègne, from 1526 to 1567, when it was fitted out in the current state.
The decoration of the monumental facade, on the town side, attributed to Philibert Delorme, sometimes to Jean Bullant,
was restored in 1876; while towards the suburb the door is flanked by two round towers (12th-13th centuries).
This door forms the entrance to a vaulted passage fifty-six meters long; enemy soldiers were held captive there on several occasions.
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