Original Paintings

Sir William Russell Flint

P.R.A., P.R.W.S., R.S.W., R.O.I., R.E.
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sir william russell flint, nude, originals watercolour painting
Le Puit Cachè ,

sir william russell flint, Koi pond, cecilia, original watercolour paintings
The Koi Pool
Originals, paintings

sir william russell flint, La Porte Chapelle, Compiegne, original watercolour paintings
La Porte Chapelle, Compiegne
Originals, paintings

sir william russell flint gitanes Languedoc originals watercolour painting
Gitanes, Languedoc

sir william russell flint, Washerwomen on the Cere at Bretenoux, original watercolour painting
Washerwomen on the Cere at Bretenoux

sir william russell flint, the shrimper, original watercolour painting
The Shrimper

sir william russell flint,Early Morning, La Rochette, original watercolour painting
Early Morning, La Rochette
An Original watercolour painting

sir william russell flint la cave voutée original watercolour painting
La Cave Voutée
Original watercolour

sir william russell flint four studies original red chalk drawing
Four Studies

sir william russell flint Sunlit Square Languedoc original watercolour painting
Sunlit Square, Languedoc
Original painting

sir william russell flint, original watercolour painting, broad beach, bambugh
Bamburgh sands
Original painting

sir william russell flint Mill Barbaste original watercolour painting
The Mill Barbaste

sir william russell flint, osier en Provence, France, original watercolour painting
Osiers en Provence
Original watercolour

sir william russell flint the bathers, original watercolour painting
The Bathers
Original painting

sir william russell flint,vauvenay, france, original watercolour painting
Vaunenay, France
Original painting

russell flint, ambrosine, original drawing

sir william russell flint, Rosalinda, original red chalk drawing

francis murray russell flint, Across the Moat, Brantome, Dordogne, France, watercolour
Across the Moat, Brantome, Dordogne, France
Original watercolour Painting

sir william russell flint Bourdeilles sur Dronne originals watercolours paintings
Bourdeilles sur Dronne
Original Painting

sir william russell flint, woodland, Surrey, original watercolour painting
Woodland, Surrey
Original Painting

 russell flint, St. Jean de Cole, well, original pencil drawing
The Well at St. Jean de Cole
Original Drawing

sir william russell flint, portrait of a lady, red chalk, drawing, original
Portrait of a Lady

sir william russell flint, originals watercolour paintings, charlotte

sir william russell flint, girl in spanish dress mantilla, original red chalk drawing
Girl in Spanish dress Mantilla

sir william russell flint le jardin secret, originals watercolours paintings
The Secret Garden
Original Painting

francis murray russell flint, Spanish street scene with donkey, oil painting
Spanish Street Scene with Donkey
Original Oil Painting

sir william russell flint, the green parrot, original watercolour painting
The Green Parrot

Russell Flint Originals, Watercolours, Paintings for sale

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The limited edition prints, particularly the signed, limited edition prints (ie. pre 1969) were very sought after at the publication date,
and the entire edition could be sold out within several hours of release.
Some websites that may be of particular interest.... featuring the work of highly regarded wildlife artist and conservationist, David Shepherd read more
From the early 1960s he has produced hundreds of wildlife paintings across the world, and raised thousands of pounds for the preservation of endangered species.
He tirelesly campaigns for world conservation, and can often be heard public speaking at many social dinners and celebrity events.
The paintings by Lowry have always been regarded as a great national treasure, he does in fact hold the record for the most honours declined;
Harold Wilson, Britain's prime minister at the time, offered him a knighthood...
One of the largest collections of signed prints can be viewed at this website, or visit the studio by appointment. There is no 'second' edition, these are the original signed, limited editions that have over the years become highly collectable and
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Sold paintings and drawings by Russell Flint.
Recognized worldwide as a fine watercolour master, Sir William's work enjoys the prominence amongst a collection of the finest and most experienced painters of our time.