Silver and Gold.

Sir William Russell Flint

P.R.A., P.R.W.S., R.S.W., R.O.I., R.E.

sir william russell flint silver and gold calendar print

Silver and Gold

Listed and illustrated 'open' edition print, used for calendars.
This print does not have any value and is purely decorative.

If you look in the bottom right corner, you will be able to see a signature this is part of the print from the original painting which means it adds no extra value to a piece. Now that
said however in signed edition lines if there is a second signature attached to the painting usually below this first printed one. It would show to be distinctly signed afterwards with
either pen or pencil then this would make the piece a 'signed' edition and increase its value. The signature on the image is part of the original painting, ie. a printed signature, and does not come under the term 'signed print',
which means it has been personally signed by the artist; usually just off the image bottom right.

Recognized worldwide as a master of watercolour painting, Sir William Russell Flint's work enjoys the prominence of some of the finest and most experienced paintings of our time.

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Should you wish to explore the area in France that Sir William spent so much of his time; This holiday house in the Dordogne can provide
a beautiful experience for those who enjoy the countryside and wish to visit the many towns and villages of great character.