The Hotel Terrace-Pont du Gard

Frances Murray Russell Flint

Francis Murray Russell Flint RA RSA RWA (1915 - 1977)

russell flint watercolour pont du gard
The Hotel Terrace-Pont du Gard
signed 'Francis Murray Russell Flint'
Image size 13.5" x 14.5"

This great Roman aquaduct is a magnificent feature in the south of France (La Gard).
It exists to this day and attracts many vistors, who enjoy walking along it in the blistering summer heat.
When travelling directly south from Paris to Montpellier this structure can easily be seen from the A6 motorway.

Recognized worldwide as a fine watercolour master, Sir William's work enjoys the prominence amongst a collection of the finest and most experienced painters of our time.
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