In Ancient Perigord

Sir William Russell Flint

P.R.A., P.R.W.S., R.S.W., R.O.I., R.E.

russell flint, In Ancient Perigord
'In Ancient Perigord'
Date of Publication
Signed:- Russell Flint
Image size 34 x 24.5 cm 13.5" x 9.75"
Overall size with frame 60 x 52cm. 24" x 20.75"

One of the many typical scenes one can still find in the Perigord region of France.

The region is divided into four:
Perigord noir (black), Perigord vert (green), Perigord pourpre (purple)and Perigord blanc (white).

The department of Dordogne is located in the south-west of France
This print is purely decorative and was published as a calendar print.

Perigueux is one of the more historic parts of France with Roman artifacts and ruins many of which have been restored and well preserved allowing for future generations to behold the same wonders as back then.

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Should you wish to explore the area in France that Sir William spent so much of his time; This holiday house in the Dordogne can provide
a beautiful experience for those who enjoy the countryside and wish to visit the many towns and villages of great character.