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 Russell Flint, limited edition print, Palazzo on the Grand CanalPalazzo on the Grand Canal Russell
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Russell Flint, originals painting, Sunlit square, LanguedocSunlit Square, Languedoc Russell Flint original painting Russell Flint, originals, paintings, La Cave VouteeLa Cave Voutée Russell Flint original painting Russell Flint, originals, watercolour paintings, Le PuitLe Puit Caché Russell Flint original watercolour painting Russell Flint, originals watercolour painting, the mill, BarbasteThe Mill, Barbaste (Russell Flint original watercolour painting) Russell Flint, originals watercolour, BamburghBamburgh (Russell Flint original watercolour painting) Russell Flint, Royal Academy Courtyard, limited edition printRoyal Academy Courtyard, Russell Flint limited edition print   ...

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One of the most celebrated British watercolourists of the 20th century, Sir William Russell Flint is known for his remarkable technical skill and precision.
Born in Edinburgh in 1880, Flint was first introduced to painting by his father before developing his skills at Banks and Co. Printers where he enrolled
in a six year apprenticeship as a lithographic draughtsman.
Although he is known for his watercolours he also painted in oil and tempera, and produced etchings. Flint was a member of the Royal Academy,
and served as president of the Royal Watercolour Society for twenty years from 1936. He was further recognised in 1947, with a knighthood for his services to art,
and later a solo exhibition at the Royal Academy.
Painting in several countries including France, Italy, Switzerland and Scotland, Flint was captivated by the distinctive and unique character of the distant lands.
However, his foremost fascination was the female form. This manifested in a wide range of depictions; spanning from flamenco dancers to his picturesque gypsies
and languorous nudes. Today his work is exhibited in numerous institutions around the world including the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum
and the Art Institute of Chicago.

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