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Cecilia Green died on Nov 2nd 2003 aged 72.
(Extract from The Daily Telegraph.)
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Cecilia Green was the favourite model of Sir William Russell Flint, appearing in many of his paintings in roles which varied from Spanish gypsy to cloistered nun.

Her nude poses - more aesthetic than erotic - were, and remain, famous. At their first meeting in the early 1950s Flint, then aged 72, recognised that her singular beauty - fine cheekbones, slanting eyes and provocative mouth - was the ideal he had had in his mind's eye all his life. (Betjeman was later to sing, "I could not speak for amazement at your beauty".) Moreover, as a trained ballet dancer, she had the suppleness and skill to hold long and difficult poses; Flint was a demanding master.

Their association lasted for some 15 years, but she was much more than his model and his inspiration. Flint's wife was confined to a nursing home with arthritis, and Cecilia took over many additional duties, such as dealing with agents, acting as his hostess, and even manicuring his fingernails.

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Their relationship was occasionally awkward; Flint could be petty and possessive, and Cecilia was always known for speaking her mind - but it was close, companionable and affectionate; Flint's autumn and Cecilia's spring complemented one another wonderfully.

Despite rumours at the time, their relationship was chaste. Flint's diaries show that he was passionate about Cecilia, but he was always the essence of propriety - though once, in a wild moment, he proposed marriage. Cecilia reciprocated his love, but saw him as a kindly uncle rather than a swain.

Perhaps the most revealing episode came at their parting, when Cecilia, bored with the discomforts of modelling, left to take up a new career in 1966. Flint's diaries record his despair. Cecilia tried to keep in occasional touch but, on her last telephone call shortly after she left, he refused to speak to her. Though Cecilia never forgot the hurt his bitterness caused her - and regretted that she had not handled the situation more gently - she always spoke of him with affection and respect. Flint died in 1969.

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We have specialized in the paintings and prints by SirWilliam Russell Flint for over thirty years, and have on display over
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Recognized worldwide as a fine watercolour master, Sir William's work enjoys the prominence amongst a collection of the finest and most experienced painters of our time.

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